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ironman_kimThere’s a lot to be said for leading an active life. By exercising regularly you become less stressed, more toned and are guaranteed a better quality of life than any couch potato.

But you can get even more out of your exercise routine if you’re well equipped. No longer are sneakers and sweatpants the last word in gym wear.

Millions of dollars of research has gone into the design and production of running shoes, vitamin supplements and breathable fabrics to help cool the body.

Athletes now wear lycra that can compresses the body and improves performance, while modern wetsuits can make you more aerodynamic underwater.

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Whatever exercise you do, correctly fitted sportswear is essential. Not only to improve your performance but to ensure you avoid any serious injury that might put you out of action for months.

Gear for Multisport sells a wide range of big brand sporting goods and offers some of the biggest brands of footwear.

Being enthusiastic athletes ourselves, we know your needs and are happy to give you the benefit of our expert advice.

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